The Art of Tea

Tea is a way of life. The traditional Chinese way of making tea, Gongfucha, is an enchanting journey from the origin of the tea plant's birth place to the craftsmanship of the wrinkled hands of a tea master.

No doubt, tea can be extremely complex. It involves careful study of the species of tea plants, the richness of soil, the geographical significance of climate, the time of harvest, freshness of the leaves, variation of production treatments, the different tasting techniques, spectrum of smells and flavours, water temperature and timing. All of these elements are important to building an ultimate, blissful tea experience.

The tea brewing process is a spiritual ceremony. It evokes all of our sensory emotions from the visual observation with the color and texture of the tea, touch of the tea ware, fragrance and taste, to watching the mist rising from a sealed tea pot. It brings us to the present moment, conscious and mindful. It calms our mind and has been long associated with the eastern philosophies of Zen Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. Not an enlightened soul in Asia has been on the path without the company of tea and the friends that gathered around it.

Tea experience is a cultural ritual, It embraces us to the seduction of nature's heart and the taste of life's essence. Every gesture, every sip is an infusion to sooth bodies and souls. It is to this importance that TeaArt is dedicated to promote and preserve the mastery of the ancient art of tea, its culture and philosophies.

Welcome to this beautiful ancient art form. Let the journey begin.

Lam Wong
Vancouver BC, 2010